Fort Lauderdales Best Pizza Dough Recipe by Big Louies Pizzeria.




So, you want to make the best pizza at home? Here is the exact recipe Big Louie’s Pizzeria uses for their award-winning Best Pizza in South Florida.


Note: You will need a Standard Home Oven for proper baking of this dough.
Bakers’ % in grams in ounces Recommended
Flour 100% 640 g 22.6 oz High-Gluten Flour
Water 57% 365 g 12.9 oz Water
Yeast or Starter 0.5000% 3.200 g 0.113 oz Cake Yeast
Salt 2.00% 12.80 g 0.45 oz Salt
Oil/Lards/Shortening 1.00% 6.4 g 0.2 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sugar 2.00% 12.800 g 0.5 oz Refined Granulated Sugar
Other 0.00% 0.00 g 0.0 oz -No Others Needed
Totals 1040 g 36.68 oz



If the weather is hot & humid, use very cold water. Otherwise, room temperature is OK. Throw the water in the mixer and add all ingredients but the flour. Stir well with a whisk until combined. Add the flour. Mix on low speed for 8 minutes.

Good pizza in Fort Lauderdale has been around long before hydration formulas and such. Don’t get so wrapped up into what is really a very simple process. Because that’s what pizza is supposed to be. Plain. Simple. Food.

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